Film Work

This past semester I’ve been taking a film based class. Here are some of the prints I’ve made recently.


Zoe and William

For my final project I wanted to explore child photography. I think it’s interesting to see how emotionally open they are and I wanted to try to capture that. My collection was of Zoe and William: two kids i’ve been babysitting for years. Zoe is outgoing and talkative while William is quieter and more reserved. I really enjoyed shooting this assignment because I love spending time with these guys. We had a lot of fun. Zoe is holding a baby fairy in picture #11.

School Street

We had a guest speaker come in to give us a new assignment the other day: Allie Cottrill. She wanted us to shoot a story instead of a series like we might in other projects. A story has more variation to it than a series which might be focused around a single object. I wanted to shoot in Rockport because I love the “cottage” architecture and feel to the town. After I looked through the pictures I’d shot, I wasn’t happy with how they turned out so I decided to scrap the collection and start over.

On the way to riding every week we pass this rundown car repair shop called the School Street Garage. I shot here and really loved how grimy the whole place is. It’s such a contrast to the rest of concord which is generally very neat. Throughout the lot there were interesting subjects and I found it really fun to shoot here.

Link to Allie Cottrill’s site:

Boston 2015

On May 1st, the entire advanced photography program went on a photo-field trip to Boston. This field trip was interesting because in almost all of our assignments we shoot in Concord. Although Concord is gorgeous, it’s small and difficult to get much variation between pictures. Boston is big and allows for a large range of things to shoot. I found it interesting to look at the variety that could be found around the city.

I typically don’t like shooting in cities. The size intimidates me and I often dont know what to shoot. Oddly, I ended up really enjoying the field trip. I wasn’t overwhelmed and I got to see a change of scenery. Unfortunately, I brought the wrong lens with me. It’s a portrait lens with very specific focus and while that’s great for planned portraits, I struggled to use it for street photography. Everything was so fast paced that a lot of my images were out of focus. Street photography isn’t always about being technically perfect but a good portion of my pictures were just too blurry to work around.

April Break

Over April break I visited one of my favorite places, Road’s End Farm in Chesterfield NH. The farm has a herd of over 70 horses and in addition to shooting much of the herd, we also visited the Chesterfield Gorge. Although they’ve had a much colder spring than MA there was still a lot of green. On the way home we stopped at Westport Town Beach and shot there as well. I really loved this project because it gave me the opportunity to shoot places that I treasure but don’t get to visit that frequently.

Irish Step

I am an irish step dancer. My class has some world qualifiers (something that I strive to acheive one day) and there are many extremely talented dancers. There are about thirteen of us in my specific class. I love these girls so much and it was an interesting experience to look at them more as subjects than as team mates and family. We spend so much time at the studio and together that at this point we’re as much as a family as my biological one is.

As it turns out, irish dance is a tricky sport to take photos of. It may be my lack of ability to time pictures accurately, or it could just be how fast everything is going but a lot of my pictures ended up blurred. Many of them are out of focus and certainly nowhere near to the beautiful work professional photographers produce when shooting at major competitions. However, I really like this collection because of how personal it is. I stuggled a lot with the techincal aspect but the story behind it is 300% there. I put so much of myself into this sport and these girls that it’s impossible for me to truly dislike any of these pictures. They’re just too close to me to pass off any of them.

Vintage Cameras

I am fascinated with old cameras because they show how much we’ve technologically progressed. For the holidays, my best friend gifted me a folding autographic camera made by Kodak. I haven’t used it yet considering the price of film and the fact that I am currently in a digital photo class instead of a film one. However, at some point I would really like to use it and compare the prints between my standard film camera and this autographic one.

It is becoming more and more trendy to purchase and use vintage cameras. Although many people are against these “fake” photographers: I disagree. I think part of the appeal for a lot of people is how different they are from what we typically use to shoot. People are fascinated by them not only mechanically but also aesthetically. Photography has turned into a hobby and casual thing for a lot of people and I think that is great. In the photography community snapshots of time are so highly valued but we seem to forget to apply our affection for them when it comes to anything short of professional. I don’t think it’s right to disregard the less serious photographers that exist. People tend to discourage the arts and disregard them and as a community it hurts more than helps to put down the people who do it for fun.

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